Wheeler Screwdriver set deluxe Gunsmithing 89 PCE



54 Hollow ground flat bits
Doubles in the thinnest sizes
Complete selection of Phillips, Allen, Torx bits
15 specialty bits
Hex to square driver adapter


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The last screwdriver set you’ll ever need, the Wheeler 89 Piece screwdriver set has it all. The durable custom-molded case features 54 hollow-ground flat bits, 15 specialty bits, 8 allen, 4 phillips, 3 torx, 1 2 1/4 shaft extension, and a hex-to-square drive adapter. The hollow-ground bits have a concave shape that allows for insertion all the way into the screw slot for maximum contact. The kit also includes 2 non-slip, over molded plastic handles with a convenient hinged storage case complete with a bit location guide and is constructed from durable S2 tool steel.

Unlike other screwdriver suppliers, Wheeler’s engineers measured the screws on over one hundred modern and antique firearms to make sure that we offered bits for every situation. Whether you are working on a Browning®; Superposed, a Remington®; 700, a Smith & Wesson®; revolver or a Colt®; single action, you will find that there is a bit to fit every screw on your gun. The 89 piece set includes 15 ingenious”specialty bits”. These bits are great for installing scope bases, getting you out of a pinch by providing a small pin punch when you really need it and keeping once-in-a-while lifesaver tools at your fingertips.


The Wheeler 89-Piece Set includes 2 magnetized screwdriver handles, making swapping bits a simple process.



54 flat bits 8 Allen bits, sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 3/16″ 4 Phillips bits, #0, #1, #2, #3 3 Torx bits, T10, T15, T20 Weaver/Ruger scope ring clamp bit Redfield windage screw bit, Leupold windage screw bit Mauser stock cross bolt bit Millett rear sight adjustment bit Ruger/Colt single action base pin latch nut bit M1/M14/M1A rear sight bit


Hinged storage box shaft extension Hex to square drive adapter Two each of the very thinnest bits in this set, this is intentional as the thinnest are most likely to break 1911 grip screw bushing driver .062″ pin punch, .093″ pin punch, .118″ pin punch Remington 870/1100/1187 trigger plate pin punch 2″ #2 Phillips Glock replacement front sight screw bit S&W rebound spring compressor tool

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