WetFire Fire Starters


  • DIMENSIONS: .75” H x .75” W x .5” D weighs 0.16 oz each
  • VERSATILITY: The cube can be broken off for multiple uses and can be used with any sparking device including UST’s StrikeForce, SparkForce, BlastMatch or Sparkie
  • RELIABLE: Safe, lightweight tinder guaranteed to light in wind, water or other adverse weather conditions and are a small size making them perfect for storing in backpacks and other outdoor gear
  • DURABLE: Cubed tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness with 5-year shelf life if left unopened
  • BE PREPARED: Only a small amount is needed to start a fire and they burn for up to 5 minutes each making these ideal for emergency situations

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Lights in Rain, Wind, and Snow




To start a fire, scrape a small amount over dry tinder and use a spark striker, matches, or lighter for fast, easy ignition.

WetFire cubes float on water, and actually burn longer when wet or moist. Great for starting fires on ice, snow, or in other adverse weather conditions.

Use the entire cube when faced with adverse weather conditions, like heavy wind, rain, or snow.


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