Covid Safe Info Sheet

Staying COVID-Safe while shooting at SMISC

Information Sheet CS-01 - v 1.1 – June 2020

This information sheet is for shooters and other customers at the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre (SMISC). It summarises parts of the more detailed SMISC COVID-Safe Plan about how the Centre is to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conditions of Entry to SMISC

You may be directed to leave the range if you do not comply with any conditions of entry below.

Pose No Risk of Infection
- Not have the illness, or show signs of it.

Comply with NSW physical (social) distancing requirements

Show Good Personal Hygiene
- Avoiding making physical contact with others (e.g. shaking hands).
- Avoid touching goods on display. If sharing equipment, disinfect them between users.
- Thoroughly wash or sanitise hands before going into the airlock to a range.
- Thoroughly wash or sanitise hands after coming out of an airlock from a range
- Wipe down the shooting bench, your chair and target controls before shooting.
- Dispose of used gloves or wipes into specified COVID-Safe waste bins.
- Make a habit of washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, or of sanitising your hands before eating and after
using a toilet.

Comply with Directions
- Follow the directions given to you by SMISC Range Officers and other range workers.
- Including those about checking for signs of illness, physical distancing, using personal hygiene.

Precautions for Vulnerable People

For some, COVID-19 infection means a higher than usual risk of getting a serious form of the illness. Anyone over 50 should chat with their doctor about health risks in their individual case. Those with an elevated risk of developing a serious form of the illness if infected should get specific medical advice about participating in activities like indoor shooting and any extra precautions they should take.

Those with elevated risk include
- Anyone with a weakened immune system or taking immuno-suppressants.
- People over 65, (and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50); especially if they have chronic renal failure, coronary heart disease, congestive cardiac failure, chronic lung disease, poorly controlled diabetes or poorly controlled hypertension.

What we can do to help
- If there is sufficient interest, SMISC can set aside specific times and ranges for use by vulnerable shooters.
- They would have fewer people in the range and wider physical distancing.
- Shooting bay benches, fittings, controls, shared equipment and chairs would be disinfected between each user.
- Gloves and a mask would be available.
- Range officers would be wearing gloves and a P2 mask while servicing that range.
- If needed, we can also supply an information sheet to you for your Doctor about the nature of risks at the range, precautions normally being taken and additional precautions available for vulnerable people.
- Let us know if you are interested.

What if you develop symptoms?

Don’t come to the range
- Stay home and get tested
- Follow your medical advice

If you become ill while at the range
- Let us know as soon as possible.
- We have special procedures to look after you and to safeguard others at the range.

If you later find out you probably had COVID-19 while you were at the range
- Let us know when you were in and, if possible, where you were in the range.
- We will trace any close contacts using sales records and the visitor’s book and let medical authorities know the
details so they can be contacted for testing.

What else is new at the range?

• New floor coverings and wall coverings in the shooting line area of most ranges.
• New coverings on range benches.
• Repainting of most areas of the Centre.
• Hand sanitizer stations and disposal bins.

Enjoy and help us maintain the range by cleaning up after yourself and treating it with respect