Tikka Gun Bag Green 127cm


The Tikka Green Gun Bag measures 127cm and is designed to keep your gun safe and secure during transportation. Its durable material and padding ensure maximum protection.

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Transport your rifle with confidence.

Having the best gun in the world is all well and good, but without a high-quality gun bag, you’re not going to get far with it. A gun bag is a simple, lightweight way to transport your firearms, making them a great choice for hunting and camping trips that require a lot of moving around.


You have to be able to trust your rifle. It has to work and be accurate in every situation and in every circumstance. Consistent pinpoint accuracy is guaranteed by a potent combination of craftsmanship, tradition and modern technology. The end result is an ultimate tool for accuracy that delivers what it was designed for – hitting the target.

You are a Tikka shooter who does not need to prove anything to anyone. Your rifle in not an extension of your trophy collection beside the fireplace. It is a tool designed for uncompromised accuracy and flawless functionality. By knowing the forces of nature by heart you are always ready for the shot whatever it takes – just like your rifle. And that’s what makes you a Tikka shooter.

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