Sako 243 100g Deerhead SP 20pk


  • Good depth effect
  • High bullet residual weight
  • Partial composite core Bullet
  • Good to very good precision potential
  • Not suitable for sporting use
  • Lead tip is protected by the bullet coat
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Deformation-protected partial coat floor

The company Sako, based in Finland, also produces high-quality ammunition for hunting as well as sporting applications in addition to the world-famous bolt-action rifles. No matter whether you are looking for a precision cartridge for sporty shooting in the 6 mm PPC caliber or need a hunting cartridge with enormous impact in caliber .375 H&H Mag for big game hunting, Sako offers with a very large selection of metric and imperial calibers enough possibilities for almost every purpose.

Deerhead ammunition is loaded with a bonded all-round bullet that can withstand extreme deformations without the coat breaking away from the lead core.The bullet expands rapidly and rarely loses more than 10% of its original weight.

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