Fiocchi 455 Webley 262g LRN 50pk


Bullet Type LRN GZN – Lead round nose, black antifriction coating

Weight Grain: 262 gr
Grams: 16.98 g

Primer Mixture Standard

PACKAGING 50 – 1000


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In the field of small arms ammunition Fiocchi is a worldwide leading Company and its range of products fulfil any need.

Founded back in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi in Lecco (today the family has reached its fifth generation), the Company employs more than 1000 people worldwide with approximately 220M € of consolidated revenue and it is known everywhere as a synonym of responsibility, reliability, performance and commitment.

The industriousness and technical skills of Giulio Fiocchi are proven by his personal commitment in designing the Company logo, the shield with GFL letters (meaning Giulio Fiocchi Lecco) as well as by his ability to take new opportunities, such as dealing with the problem of a large amount of “scraps” resulting from the production of hunting shotshells. In 1903 these brass scraps became the raw material used to manufacture its famous “snap fasteners”, which had a great success right from the beginning.


Fiocchi’s wide range of small caliber ammunition is appreciated in hunting, shooting, security and defence fields, as well as in specific industries such as the zootechnic one.

The peculiarity of Fiocchi is to manufacture all components of its products inside its own production plant in Lecco, a characteristic that, in combination with constant research and production flexibility, makes the Company competitive on world markets.

NATO qualifications obtained by Fiocchi’s products (Cal. 9, Cal. 5.56 and Cal. 7.62) as well as the AQAP 2110 Certifications (Quality Management System for the Defence field), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Safety Management System) are just an example of the high standards of quality achieved by the brand and appreciated worldwide.


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