Remington 223 55G Psp 20pk


Caliber 223 Remington
Grain Weight 55
Muzzle Velocity 3240
Bullet Style Pointed Soft Point
Ballistic Coefficient .197
Package Quantity 20
Usage Varmint
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Assembled with premium components honed to ultra-tight tolerances, our High Performance Rifle series more than lives up to its name. And it’s available in a wide range of calibres, bullet weights and styles. In the field, forest or at the range, there’s a Remington High Performance Rifle round tailormade to match any pursuit and honour Remington’s proud heritage of innovative rifle ammunition.


Proof of our dedication to providing you with the widest selection of centerfire ammunition in the industry, our High Performance Rifle series consists of a multitude of calibers and popular bullet styles to match your specialized hunting and shooting pursuits. All assembled with premium components and the ultra-tight tolerances that put more home reloading presses on the back shelf than any other brand. Remington High Performance Rifle.


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