Norma 308win 150g FMJ Jaktmatch 50pk



  • V0 2657 f/s

  • V100 2449 f/s

  • V200 2251 f/s

  • V300 2062 f/s


  • E0 2352 ft.-lb

  • E50 1999 ft.-lb

  • E100 1688 ft.-lb

  • E200 1417 ft.-lb


  • 100yds 0.41 in

  • 200yds 1.72 in

  • 300yds 4.04 in

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This is the sporting version of 7,62x51mm NATO. It was introduced by Winchester in 1952 – only a year after the new NATO cartridge. As most other military cartridges it was expected to become popular for hunting quickly and Winchester wisely decided to make a civilian version with their name.

The purpose of the new military design was to make a more compact cartridge with a quicker cycle rate than the .30-06, and enabling a soldier to carry more rounds. It also has excellent accuracy potential and is favored by many target shooters. As the .308 Winchester fits into short bolt actions and delivers almost the same energy as the .30-06 with medium weight bullets it has become one of the most popular cartridges in the world.

The case capacity is not suited to bullets much heavier than 180 grains, however, and accordingly some hunters finds it too light for the largest species like the big bears. It is important to know that the .308 Winchester is not entirely identical to the 7,62 NATO in all dimensions due to differences in tolerances, and some rifle chambers cannot handle military ammunition.


Zero range, yards

Height of trajectory above line of sight if sighted in a X yards. For sights 40mm above bore

25yds 50yds 75yds 100yds 150yds 200yds 300yds
50 0 0 -0.1 -1.4 -4.3 -15.5
100 -0.1 -1.4 -4.3 -15.5
150 0.9 -2.5 -12.8
200 1 2.2 1.9 -9

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