Warne Rings 30mm Tikka PA Hight Matte


  • Permanently attaches to firearm’s dovetail.
  • Tikka specific recoil pin for positive engagement of ring to receiver dovetail.
  • Rings securely mount around scope using 4 Torx style T-15 socket cap screws.

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Tikka Dovetail Simplicity! Tikka rifles have a grooved receiver that allows for a dovetail ring to mount directly to it, negating the need for a base. Warne’s Maxima Tikka rings are a solid steel, vertically split ring that handle even the most punishing recoil, or large, heavy scopes. Since each firearm manufacturer has their own proprietary mounting rail design, each ring model must be machined to exacting tolerances for proper fit and function. Because of this, the Warne Tikka Rings are able to fit right onto the receiver’s dovetail with no need for a mounting base. The Tikka Fixed Rings utilize 4 T-15 Torx style socket cap screws for secure and permanent optics mounting and also feature a redesigned recoil pin to provide a stronger bearing surface for higher recoiling rifles.


Part Number: – 15TM
Fits Objective Size: – 56mm
Height: – High
Dimension A: – 30mm
Dimension B: – 0.570 inch
Dimension C: – 0.705 inch
Finish Color: – Matte Black
Weight: – 6.4 oz
Material: – Steel
Fits Objective Up To: – 56mm
Scope Tube Diameter: – 30mm
Fits: – Tikka






Installation Instructions

Always verify that your firearm is UN-LOADED before performing any service on it. Warne recommends that you loosely assemble rings and scope onto firearm prior to final mounting to verify eye relief and ring spacing.
  • Remove the 4 screws from both rings.
  • Place the scope in the ring halves and re-insert recoil key (CZ & Ruger rings do not have specific recoil keys and utilize an integrated recoil management system)
  • Start all 4 screws on both rings and tighten only the bottom screws to 25in/lb* max.
  • Place rings onto the bases with the recoil keys in the slots and push each ring towards the muzzle to seat the recoil key
  • Adjust eye relief and level the reticle and tighten only the bottom screws to 25in/lb* max.

*Torque Spec are for dry threads, DO NOT USE THREAD-LOCKER COMPOUND

**Many scope manufacturers’ have established specific torque ratings for their scope and you must follow their recommended torque.




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