Tikka 270 T3X Hunter 22.4″


Caliber: 270 WIN
Weight: 3 kg
Total length: 1082 mm
Barrel length: 570 mm
Rate of twist: 1:10″
Magazine capacity: 3 + 1
Material: Black Steel
Stock material: Wood
Stock finish: Oiled Brown
Muzzle thread: No
Cheek piece: No
Open sights: No
Changeable grip: No
Fluted barrel: No
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T3x Hunter

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the T3x Hunter. The oiled walnut stock exudes elegance while delivering unrivaled accuracy, reliability, and enjoyment.


The T3x Hunter is designed for the shooter who appreciates the warm feel of a wooden stock combined with solid performance. The T3x Hunter offers an extensive caliber selection for hunting and sport-shooting purposes.

Key benefits:

  • Classic design combined with modern rifle engineering
  • Extensive caliber selection from which to choose
  • Available as left-handed
  • Safe to shoot and handle with two-position safety


Classic design combined with modern rifle engineering

Classic design never goes out of fashion. The traditional oiled wallnut stock is a tribute to Tikka’s history. Checkerings guarantee a good grip meaning you can be more sure of the shot.


Extensive caliber selection

Tikka T3x Hunter offers 18 caliber options and multiple barrel lenghts from 510mm to 620mm (20″ – 24″). There are almost 300 different variations of Tikka T3x Hunter. You can choose blued or stainless steel barrel, regular or fluted. The fluted barrel makes the rifle lighter to carry, improves heat dissipation, and balances the rifle.

Oiled walnut stock

Hunter family stocks has been made of selected walnut stock and oiled finish is easy to maintenance. Regular oiling keeps the stock in good condition and it lasts from generation to generation.

Lightweight barrel profile

Lighter barrel makes the rifle easier to carry. Lighter barrels are easier to hold up for extended periods

Cold hammer forged barrel

Cold hammer forging produces accurate and durable barrels. During cold hammer forging, Tikka barrels are hammered from all sides against the mandrel inside the barrel, transferring the mirror image of the rifling machined on the surface of the mandrel. Cold hammer forged barrel gives you out of the box accuracy without the need for breaking in the rifle.

The action is designed for accuracy

Extremely rigid action made from hardened steel with a two-locking lug T3x bolt. The bolt features a spring-loaded plunger ejector and a removable bolt handle, with 70° opening angle leaving plenty of room for handling the bolt.

Feel the right moment

In every shooting situation the rifle is always moving slightly, especially when pulling the trigger. This is why it is critical to have the rifle trigger manufactured according to very tight tolerances. Minimal rifle trigger lock time decreases the time between trigger engagement, trigger break and the impact of the firing pin on the primer. This results in excellent rifle trigger control and greater potential for accuracy.

Ready for accessories

Tikka is a safe choice, since it’s always possible to modify the rifle to fit a wide range of specific shooting situations.


Second to none

You have to be able to trust your rifle. It has to work and be accurate in every situation and under every circumstance. Consistent pinpoint accuracy is guaranteed by a potent combination of craftsmanship, tradition, and modern technology. The end result is an ultimate tool for accuracy that delivers what it was designed for – hitting the target. No matter which model you choose, 1 MOA accuracy is guaranteed. These options, combined with a comprehensive caliber selection, will give you the ultimate tool for accuracy. When you buy a Tikka, you’re buying a high-quality rifle that has undergone thorough quality assessments, and it is made to meet the real demands of Tikka hunters and sports shooters from all over the world.


Important Product and Safety Information

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

Firearms can not be purchased online.

Please note that all firearm purchases require valid NSW firearms License.


Additional information

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