TC Compass 22-250 No 12757


Epic rifle,

Chambered in 22-250 Remington

Could be yours and the price is amazing.



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Introducing the Thompson/Center Compass bolt-action rifle – the feature-rich hunting rifle that’s easy on the wallet! Building on a heritage of accurate, affordable firearms – from a trusted American brand. The T/C Compass elegantly blends American-made craftsmanship and value into a professional-grade rifle.

The Thompson/Center Compass features a user-adjustable precision trigger, a free-floated barrel for outstanding accuracy, and threaded muzzle with a thread protector. The ergonomic, lightweight stock combines a classic look with modern contours and textured grip panels. Fitted with a three-lug bolt with 60° lift, which provides good scope clearance and a smooth, easy cycling action.

It has aluminium pillar bedding with a bedding system that positively locates the receiver, 3-position safety with bolt lock, factory-installed scope bases, with scope and rings sold separately. Combine that with its precision 5R rifled match-grade barrel and guaranteed MOA accuracy. Plus, a detachable 5-shot rotary magazine that fits flush with the stock (5-shot 1 in standard calibres, 4-shot 1 in magnum calibres).

The Thompson/Center Compass is USA made, is backed by the famous T/C Limited Lifetime Warranty and has been awarded the 2016 Guns & Ammo Rifle of the Year.


Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
40 gr. (2.6g) BT 4,224 ft/s (1,287 m/s) 1,585 ft⋅lbf (2,149 J)
50 gr. (3.2g) SP 3,945 ft/s (1,202 m/s) 1,728 ft⋅lbf (2,343 J)
55 gr. (3.6g) SP 3,786 ft/s (1,154 m/s) 1,751 ft⋅lbf (2,374 J)
60 gr. (3.9g) BT 3,580 ft/s (1,090 m/s) 1,708 ft⋅lbf (2,316 J)
64 gr. (4.1g) Power Point 3,500 ft/s (1,100 m/s) 1,741 ft⋅lbf (2,360 J)


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