Stoeger 9mm STR-9 10rnd Tungsten Finish


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Special Features
Internal chassy Inserted stainless steel front and back rail on the frame
Slide and barrel Cold hammered barrel, slide and barrel high strength alloy steel with nitriding surface treatment.
Sights Removable and adjustable, dowtail to slide. Standard 3 dot system.
Frame Technopolymer, reinforced with glass fiber.
Picatinny Mil Std 1913.
Backstraps Small 29x30mm / 1,14×1,18inc.
Medium 30x32mm / 1,18×1,26inc.
Large 34x34mm / 1,34×1,34inc.
Trigger guard Combat like.
Disassembly pulling the trigger.
Magazine release button reversable left/right
Hold open only left
Safeties Automatic firing pin safety and trigger safety.
Loaded chamber indicator on slide as standard.
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Rugged and reliable.



Stoeger brings an earned reputation for durable, dependable shotguns
to the world of semiautomatic pistols with the new STR-9.

This striker-fired 9mm comes packed with features you’d expect in a pistol costing twice as much. Its integrated rail, internal safety, reversible magazine release, optimized slide serrations, three-dot sight system and enhanced ergonomics deliver consistent performance and comfort.

The Stoeger STR-9 Semi-Auto Pistol utilizes a striker-fired mechanism and outstanding ergonomics to deliver rapid shots with unfailing reliability.


– Features –


Safe-Action Flat Trigger.

Trigger Pull = 2.5kg maximum.



Special treatment includes ceramic particles which increases the solidity and durability.



Dovetailed, drift adjustable 3-dot sights are quick to acquire in varied light conditions.
The outfitted 3-dot sight system features snag-resistant edges to ensure smooth draws and holstering.



The crisp, clean-breaking trigger with internal safety gives a reliable shooting experience.



Change the magazine release to left or right operation to fit your shooting style.



Tailor the STR-9’s fit to your hand by using one of the three interchangeable backstraps. A comfortable, custom fit will help get you on target more quickly..



Aggressive slide serrations ensure a firm grip in any weather for rapid cycling of the STR-9 with or without gloves in any weather conditions.



The low bore axis reduces muzzle jump to get you back on target quickly after each shot.


Loaded Chamber Indicator

Among the STR-9’s integrated safety features is a tactile loaded-chamber indicator on the top of the receiver that automatically raises when a round is chambered. This allows the user to confirm the presence of a round in the chamber by touch in low light..



Caliber 9×19.
Overall length 189 mm. / 7,44 inc.
Barrel length 106 mm. / 4,17 inc.
Barrel rifling 6 right grooves, pitch 250mm.
Overall width 31 mm. / 1,22 inc.
Overall height 136 mm. / 5,35 inc.
Sight radius 163 mm. / 6,42 inc.
Distance between barrel axis and upper back grip 19 mm. / 0,75 inc.
Magazine capacity 15.
Weight with empty magazine 725±5 gr.


Operation Semi automatic.
Action Striker fired.
Trigger travel 7,5 mm. / 0,3 inc.
Trigger reset 2,5 mm. / 0,1 inc.
Trigger pull Max. 2.5kg
Length of pull 70±1 mm. / 2,76 inc.


Important Product and Safety Information

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

Firearms cannot be purchased online.

Please note that all firearm purchases require valid NSW firearms License.


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