Stoeger 22cal RX20 Dynamin Synthetic + 4×32 Scope


Caliber: 5.5 mm /.22
Velocity: cal.5,5 mm with lead pellet – 240 m/s – 800 fps
Power source: Spring or Gas Ram and Piston
Cocking system: Break-action breech-loader with ergonomic cocking grip
Trigger: New Stoeger AIRGUNS Adjustable trigger T2 – double stage
Safety: Automatic, ambidextrous safety mounted on back of receiver
Front sight: Interchangeable front sight (S3 Suppressor, Sport) Hooded front sight with a red and orange, fiber-optic
Rear sight: Rear sight with fiber-optic, fully adjustable for elevation and windage
Stock: Human Tech Design Stock with ProAdaptive Checkering and Multi Grip System MGS
Finish: Black Synthetic, Hardwood – Rifled, blued steel barrel
Rail for scope: Integral dovetail scope rail on receiver
Scope for combo: 4×32 scope with high power mount
Total length: 42 1/2 in. / 1.080 mm
Barrel length: 16 1/2 in. / 419,7 mm
Weight: 3 kg without scope

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Innovation, Technology and Style are the three principles behind a fully new concept. Stoeger AIRGUNS designer’s new challenge has been to develop and implement something special that could convey new emotions. The unique design and ergonomic shapes makes the air rifle fit perfectly to the shooter.

NOTE The RX Hardwood finish rifles do not feature the MGS Multi Grip System technology and do not include the interchangeable pads.

– Power – Innovation – Precision –


The RX20’s adjustable two-stage trigger, Human Tech Design, Pro Adaptive Checkering, and Multigrip System available on synthetic stock models provides a new standard of shooting comfort at the range or in the field. This comfort allows the rifle to sit naturally in the user’s hands, and helps maintain accuracy in almost any position.

The functional ergonomics of the RX20 Dynamic are dedicated to enhancing the users experience with the classic break barrel air rifle.

– Functional Ergonomics –

The new challenge

The RX line has been developed having in mind a new challenge: the design and implementation of something special that could convey new emotions to both the enthusiastic shooters and those who just want to have fun in the open air or at the shooting range. The RX represents the perfect match between technological style, technical efficiency and care for details. The elegant and ergonomic shapes makes the gun fit perfectly to the shooter. Stoeger AIRGUNS and its RX line translate technology in style.

– User Interaction Study –

The RX line is the first compressed air rifle inspired by Urbino in Italy, a world heritage city, the cradle of Humanism. With the RX line, Stoeger AIRGUNS combines Urbino’s technical inspiration with the innovative vision of Milan’s designers whose experience in Industrial Design (ID) and User Experience (UX) is able to transform their technical inspirations into solid and attractive projects. Just thanks to this combination, Stoeger AIRGUNS creates a method based on 3 sound compact concepts: Functional Ergonomics, User Interaction Study, User Experience.

– User Experience –


– ProAdaptive Checkering –


Stoeger AIRGUNS ProAdaptive Checkering is the first technical result of our “Human Tech Design” philosophy. It is the most versatile, efficient and progressive checkering developed so far, one of a kind. It is the result of a project which let shooters expose themselves to a new experience, become one with the airgun and find a perfect feeling with it. The special checkering progression actively and comfortably “fits” the gun, no matter the environment shooters find themselves in.


Stoeger AIRGUNS offers a shooter the choice of the favourite Grip thanks to the Multi Grip System technology which, by means of an easy and intelligent system, let the rifle grip be changed with the most appropriate grip. Finally, shooters can adapt the rifle to their own style, choosing between an Embossed Grip or the innovative Stoeger AIRGUNS ProAdaptive Checkering.

NOTE The RX Hardwood finish rifles do not feature the MGS Multi Grip System technology and do not include the interchangeable pads.






Important Product and Safety Information

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

Firearms can not be purchased online.

Please note that all firearm purchases require valid NSW firearms License.

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