Stoeger 12G M3000 FDE Straight Pull Tac 18.5 inch 7 Shot


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The New Stoeger Straight Pull M3000 shotgun line is the best & smoothest straight pull action money can buy. Derived from the popular M3000 semi-automatic, the Straight Pull M3000 can trace its heritage back to the Benelli M2 inertia system, one of the best and most reliable actions on the planet. Built by Stoeger Turkey a Beretta owned subsidiary, you can be reassured that the quality you expect from a Beretta product extends to the Straight Pull M3000 line of guns. Backed by a 5 year warrantee, you will never have to worry about reliability again. Available in the following models Straight Pull M3000 28 Synthetic Straight Pull M3000 28 Camo Straight Pull M3000 18.5 Synthetic Tactical Straight Pull M3000 18.5 FDE Tactical All guns come with 4 removable chokes and a 7 1 magazine capacity. The tactical models also come with a picatinny rail and ghost ring sights.


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