SportEar GhostStryke Essential


  • Sportear Ghost Stryke – Essential – Black – GSESS-B
  • Made By: Axil
  • Model Number: GSESSB
  • SportEar Ghost Stryke Essential offers the first earphones of its kind giving you small and comfortable earphones- no more bulky ear muffs- with rechargeable lanyard to control your volume for all your life’s activities.
  • Simply turn your earphones on to experience enhanced hearing while protecting your hearing at the same time.

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The Ghost Stryke Essential is the ultimate in hearing enhancement with up to 8x increase to normal hearing that provides full surround sound to help you hear clearly in all environments. With a 12-hour run and a rechargeable battery that is ready to go after 1.5 hours, you will be able to enjoy all your activities without interruption. Protect your hearing with the advanced Auto-Blocker sound shut-off, that shuts off all sounds over 85dB. The Ghost Stryke Essential comes with both Foam Tips that give a 30dB NRR and Silicone Tips that give a 22dB NRR for both extreme and general sound environments.

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