SellierandBellot 308 147gFMJ 50pk



Bullet Type FMJ
Weight grs 147
g 9.55
Sectional Density lb/in² 0.221
Material of jacket CuZn 10
Number 2908
Ballistic coefficient Calculation G1 0.407
G7 0.204
MRD Calculation m 173
Cartridge Weight g 23.5
Length mm 70.80
Casings Factory Brass
Power Factor Estimated kgr·fps 409.8
+P Ammunition No
Test barrel length mm 600
Suggested use N/A
Features N/A
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Full Metal Jacket bullet. Standard lead core with a metallic jacket. Best for training and target shooting applications.

Full Metal Jacket bullet with a lead core and metallic jacket. Loaded in a wide range of calibers for use in specific hunting applications in addition to numerous competitive and target shooting disciplines.


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