SellierandBellot 22-250 SP 55g 20pk



Bullet Type SP
Weight grs 55
g 3.60
Sectional Density lb/in² 0.157
Material of jacket CuZn 10
Number 2914
Ballistic coefficient Calculation G1 0.207
G7 0.102
MRD Calculation m 177
Cartridge Weight g 16.5
Length mm 59.60
Casings Factory Brass
Power Factor Estimated kgr·fps 170.0
+P Ammunition No
Test barrel length mm 600
Suggested use Hunting
Features Reliable Functioning, Rapid-Controlled Expansion, Accurate
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Semi-Jacketed Soft Point bullet. A lead core with a precisely engineered jacket results from its controlled expansion and high weight retention.



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