SellierandBellot 17Horn 20g V-Ma 20pk


The PTS bullet was designed and manufactured by Hornady, the largest independent producer of high quality hunting bullets in the world. PTS bullets contain a premium polymer tip for rapid expansion and energy transfer. Its optimum shape enables the bullet to achieve higher speed and trajectory stability.

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Bullet Type V-MAX™
Weight grs 20
g 1.30
Sectional Density lb/in² 0.097
Material of jacket N/A
Number 21710
Ballistic coefficient Calculation G1 0.182
G7 0.085
MRD Calculation m 201
Cartridge Weight g 5.9
Length mm 43.60
Casings N/A
Power Factor Estimated kgr·fps 73.0
+P Ammunition No
Test barrel length mm 600
Suggested use N/A
Features N/A


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