Second Hand Sportco Mod 44 308 #8911


  • MAKE –Sportco
  • MODEL – 44
  • CALIBER – 308 win
  • FEED SYSTEM – Single feed bolt action
  • SIGHTS –  Front Oring sight
  • WEIGHT – 4.6 Kg
  • BARREL LENGTH – 26.5 inches
  • OVERAL LENGTH – 46  inches
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Shot at 25m


The Omark Model 44 is a bolt-action single-shot target rifle made in Australia. First released in 1968 as the Sportco Model 44 produced in Sportco’s Adelaide factory, production was taken over by Omark in the 1970s, then by MAB Engineering in Brisbane in 1984.

The rifle was the mainstay of Australian full bore target shooting for many years replacing the .303in. Lee–Enfield. Being a purpose-built target rifle it soon showed its superiority against rebarrelled surplus rifles. It was also popular in Canadian competitions.

The Omark Model 44 was tested as a sniper rifle by the Australian Defence Force but not adopted, as it is single shot only and the design could not easily be changed to a repeater.

Originally just produced in 7.62×51mm it was later available in 5.56×45mm and others. MAB Engineering also produced a pistol version.


About this rifle

Missing rear sight but still shoots like a dream, some minor rust forming on the barrel and crown. Great distance rifle.

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