Second Hand SMITH and WESSON 686-3 38spl #8691


The epic second hand pistol used for competition speed shooting comes with a red dot and other options to add to your perfect build 

  • MAKE – Smith and Wesson
  • MODEL – 686-3
  • CALIBER – 38 Special
  • FEED SYSTEM –6-round (686) Cylinder
  • SIGHTS – Red Dot
  • CONDITION – Good
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Target shot at 10m please comment bellow on our shooting.

Comes with,

  • Red dot
  • Barrel weight
  • barricades bracket (cross bar)
  • Carry case.


The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a six- or seven-shot double-action revolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson and chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge; it will also chamber and fire .38 Special cartridges. Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 686 in 1981. It is the stainless steel version of the Model 586, which featured a blued steel finish. They are available ported and unported with a choice of 6- or 7-round cylinders.

The Model 686 is based on S&W’s L (medium) revolver frame. During the 1980s, Smith & Wesson developed its L-Frame line of .357 Magnums: the Model 581, Model 586, Model 681 and Model 686. The Models 581 and 681 have fixed sights, whereas the 586 and 686 use adjustable sights.


The classic swing-out cylinder facilitates easy reloads.

These models are known to be very accurate revolvers, and are noted for their popularity in competition shooting.

This revolver comes with a beautiful custom grip that hugs the bottom of both hands when shooting. Suited to shooting single hand or with two for support.

Also includes a barrel weight in the case. Some assembly / gunsmithing may be required.

Many law-enforcement issued revolvers around the world have featured bobbed hammers. This was to prevent snags or catch-ups, and force double-action shooting, requiring a more deliberate trigger pull. Great feature for speed shooters.

Comes with rail-mounted red dot sight and a cross-bar made for use in barricade matches. The Mag-Na-Port barrel reduces up kick while smoothing the next shoot


We welcome you to come on down and have a look.


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