Sako S20 300wm Cerakote 24in MT 2 Stage Trigger


Rifle Caliber
300 Win. Mag.
Rifle Product Total Weight
 9.3 lb
Rifle Trigger Type
2 stage trigger
Rifle Barrel Length
24.4 in
Rifle Total Length
44.4 in
Rifle Rate Of Twist
Out of Stock


*Scope not included.



When the Picatinny rail is machined directly to the steel surface of the receiver (and not glued), the rifle structure is guaranteed to be rigid and strong. This is the best way to attach optical sights that stay on regardless of weather conditions. The receiver itself is secured to the frame by a sturdy three-point attachment system – much like in our TRG models.


A robust rifle bedding plays an important part in repeatable accuracy and consistency between shots. When the stock and action fit perfectly, the foundation is solid for lasting stock stability and a truly well-balanced, reliable and accurate rifle. To achieve this, we complemented Sako S20 with a full V-shaped bedding where the full length of the receiver’s angled surfaces are in contact with the aluminium surfaces.


The bolt is manufactured from high-grade, weather-resistant stainless steel, the barrel shroud has a steel core, and the bolt handle is interchangeable. The locking lug surface area is high, increasing safety and performance, and its design enables smooth, fast, safe and precise operation of the bolt and the rifle.


A premium rifle should last a lifetime – and be easy to maintain. This means giving components the best protection available. Cerakote Elite is the highest performing category of cerakote technical ceramic coating available. Unlike traditional cerakote, Cerakote Elite can be applied also to mechanism and mechanical surfaces improving hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity. This makes it the perfect coating for Sako 100’s receiver and barrel, where a layer of just 7-11 microns gives the ultimate protection for your rifle’s vital components and mechanisms. Acting as a teflon-like substance – cerakote repels dirt and grime, making your rifle easier to maintain and ensuring operational reliability, wherever your exploration takes you.

The hybrid rifle for hunting and precision shooting

The new Sako S20 is the first true hybrid rifle, the one that both hunters and precision shooters can embrace. It’s designed for passionate shooters who want to take and stay in control in every situation. The modular structure adapts to changing lifestyles, making Sako S20 a truly future-proof bolt action rifle.

A life-long journey

The Sako S20 Precision was designed to follow you on your journey.

Wherever the path leads you, your rifle is always up to the task, just like you.

Key Benefits

  • Built using the Sako Precision Solution
  • Featuring a modular design for unparalleled adaptability
  • Modifiable with a wide range of easy-to-attach accessories


Sako offers an inspiring range of rifles, ammunition and accessories for sport shooting – and specifically for long-range precision shooting enthusiasts. Our products have been tested & proven over the past decades by defense & law enforcement professionals from all over the world.



Highly modifiable, the Sako S20 is as versatile as you are. A wide range of attachable accessories ensures that your S20 can go wherever you go, whether it’s the shooting range or the wilder terrains.

We know that true accuracy does not result from single features alone, but the rifle as a whole. This is why we created a reliable, solid foundation for Sako S20 – called the Sako Precision Solution. It’s full of features you can trust to bring repeatable accuracy, whether you’re on the hunting grounds or at the shooting range.


All Sako rifles, including the Sako S20, feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels.


The takedown stock of the Sako S20 allows for great modularity, so that your rifle can be configured according to your preferences with different rearstocks and forends.

Highly modifiable, the Sako S20 is as versatile as you are. A wide range of attachable accessories ensures that your S20 can go wherever you go, whether it’s the shooting range or the wilder terrains.


The Sako S20 stock is highly adjustable and intended to always fit like a glove – whether it’s your lifestyle, preferred shooting position, posture or hand size. A comfortable hold on your rifle is the foundation for consistent accuracy.

Overall, the adjustable ergonomics are a big part of the Sako S20 design. This applies to the trigger, too, as having a natural grip on the rifle is not just comfortable but also improves accuracy. If your S20 doesn’t feel just right from the get-go, just finetune the trigger position to your liking.

Sako S20 has an aluminium heart. Its chassis provides a sturdy, high-quality frame for the rifle. This frame brings all the parts together and allows for great modularity. It also carries all the recoil forces through its stock. All S20 accessories are attached to this frame to guarantee strong, secure and easy install.

The durable and reliable double-stacked Cartridge+ magazine of the Sako S20, with its longer maximum cartridge length, was built to support reloaders, safeguard the bullet and to ensure optimal feeding.


Important Product and Safety Information

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

Firearms can not be purchased online.

Please note that all firearm purchases require valid NSW firearms License.

Additional information

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