Sako 90 Hunter 308 Stainless 22in



  • Calibre: 243 win
  • Barrel Length: 22.4″ / 570mm
  • Overall Length: 42.2″ / 1073mm
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Trigger Type: Sako 90 Standard
  • Twist: 1:8″
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Stock Material: Wood
  • Barrel Finish: Black steel
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Just like you, our world’s most advanced bolt action rifles evolve and improve to be even smoother, lighter and accurate to fit your journey. The Sako 90 is the ultimate rifle series reborn to enhance your experiences in the wild. The supreme companion for your journeys, developed together with you – the hunter.


Focus on the journey. To all those remarkable moments in the nature that take your breath away. Focus on your senses. They help you understand and perceive the world around you – to be truly aware of the things surrounding you. To experience exceptional things, you must put yourself in exceptional places. In the nature you can truly be reborn.

Key Benefits

  • Rifle models specifically designed for mountain and backcountry hunting as well as for traditional game hunting.
  • The legendary hunting experience with ultimate accuracy, reliability and smoothest operation in the market.
  • Enhanced ergonomics, materials and coatings for unparalleled hunting experience.

SAKO cold hammer-forged barrel

Out of the box Sako-accuracy that lasts longer.

Cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels – out of the box Sako-accuracy that lasts longer

All Sako 90 rifles feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels. CHF barrels do not have to be broken in, but instead have superb out-of-the-box accuracy. Hammer forging creates smoother surface compared to other rifling methods. Because the steel cannot escape when hitting the barrel against the mandrill, it creates a smooth, straight and uniform surface enabling high accuracy. Every Sako barrel muzzle is precisely crowned to enable the pressure to escape the muzzle evenly, improving the accuracy. Crowns are also protected from external hits by recessed shape on the muzzle of the barrel. Absolute geometrical uniformity of the crown is mandatory for the accurate operation of the rifle.

The cold hammer forging technique changes the structure of the steel, increasing its toughness and making the barrel life longer. Hammering barrel against the mandrill will cause the steel crystal structure to reorganize. Metallurgically hammer forged surface has improved heat erosion resistance. When barrels are created through hammer forging you can expect shooting many more rounds without loosing accuracy. When bullet passes freebore and lead areas supersonic gases effect the free bore and lead area the most eroding it so that gases can bypass the bullet thus loosing velocity and accuracy. If metal is softer the gases can detach more metal particles from the barrel causing accelerated material erosion.

The legendary SAKO bolt action experience

That SAKO receiver is designed for the ultimate accuracy and smoothest operation.

The SAKO Bolt is the most reliable, field tested and proven bolt in the market. All Sako 90 rifles have 3-locking-lug design. In conjunction with the different action sizes the locking lug surface area has been optimized so that all caliber groups have maximum lug surface area. Sako 90 bolt locking lugs are manufactured to always ensure a full contact with the counterpart surface. On top of this every Sako 90 are factory tested (CIP-test) prior shipping with two high pressure shots at the Sako factory. This all works to ensure maximum safety. Robust ejection of an empty case in Sako 90 rifles is ensured by double plunger arrangement famous from the acclaimed Sako TRG family of military & law enforcement sniper rifles. This is especially important when hunting dangerous game. The Sako bolt operation has been verified by over 5 million cycles without malfunction. The Sako bolt is the most reliable, field tested and proven, to ensure the safety and robust operation of Sako 90 rifle platform.

SAKOs state-of-the-art firing mechanism

Increased accuracy through world-leading lock time with a clean, crisp and easily adjustable trigger operation. All Sako 90 models feature a multi-adjustable trigger mechanism, which offers user to choose from five different weight of pull settings without disassembling the rifle. By having a possibility to change quickly between clearly marked weight of pull settings it is easier to adopt the rifle to each discipline. This also provides a consistent way to learn to pull the trigger to achieve maximum accuracy. Trigger blade position can also be adjusted for the best shooting ergonomics for any hand size.

The SAKO carbon fibre stock

Robust and light, with low noise signature – to manage recoil forces and to enhance SAKOs rifles repeatable accuracy


SAKO carbon fibre barrel

Balance, lightness and weather-proofed for those who demand perfection.


Selected walnut stock with comfortable ergonomics for versatile game hunting

The slightly raised cheek piece and pistol grip geometry of the Grade 2 walnut stock offer optimal shooting ergonomics in most hunting situations.

The SAKO cold hammer forged barrel

Cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels offer out-of-the box accuracy that lasts longer. All Sako 90 rifles feature matchgrade cold hammer forged barrels. Available in blued and stainless steel finishes. Hunter barrel profile offers optimal weight and balance for easy control.


Flexible optics mounting solutions

The Sako 90 Hunter comes with an Optilock receiver that enables a clear view through open sights while ensuring
reliable scope and red dot mounting.

Wide caliber options

The Sako 90 Hunter is available in all action sizes, which makes this rifle suitable for small to large game.

The multi-adjustable SAKO 90 trigger mechanism

Offers users the choice between five different weight-of-pull settings without disassembling the rifle. The trigger blade position is also adjustable

The legendary SAKO bolt action experience

The most reliable, field-tested and proven bolt in the market – to ensure maximum safety and robust push-feed

The SAKO receiver – broached to perfection

Cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels offer out-of-the box accuracy that lasts longer. All Sako 90 rifles feature matchgrade cold hammer forged barrels. Available in blued and stainless steel finishes. Hunter barrel profile offers optimal weight and balance for easy control.


Important Product and Safety Information

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

Firearms can not be purchased online.

Please note that all firearm purchases require valid NSW firearms License.


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