SAKO 308 150g Super Hammerhead 20pk



Weight: 100 Grain

Velocity: 2805 ft/s

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.0.273

C.O.L: 2.66in

USE: Large Game

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A heavy jacketed, strong and non-fragmenting bullet that ensures controlled expansion. A bonded core provides high weight retention, which results in effective penetration. It is boat-tailed for high ballistic efficiency, which causes a flatter trajectory. It was developed and tested by Sako ballistic laboratories first, followed by actual extensive big game hunting tests. The bullet is designed for big game hunting at short to medium distances.

Key benefits

  • Extremely good resistance to bone hits
  • Semi-spitzer boat tail structure improves trajectory
  • Good penetration capabilities


US: Imperial



Normal: Metric



The Controlled Expansion series cartridges feature bullets that have been chemically bonded to increase bullet effectiveness, especially for larger game.

After rapid bullet expansion to the optimal diameter, the expansion is controlled by means of the chemically bonded core and specific jacket thickness.

This results in a maximized devastation energy transfer and less separation of the lead to minimize meat loss. The bullets have improved resistance against bone hits and great penetration through the thickest skin.


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