Sako 222 55g Gamehead SP 20pk


Key benefits

Rapid and effective expansion

Good knockdown power for small & medium size game
Multipurpose usability

Caliber Bullet – 222 Rem

weight Muzzle – 55 gr

velocity Ballistic coefficient C.O.L – 3117 ft/s 0.202 2.13 in

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The small game and varmint hunter’s choice

Sako has developed ultimate Varmint bullet that features thin jacket and massive hollow-point that results in extremely fast fragmentation upon impact. As a result, the bullet offers high versatility across different sizes of vermin and improves safety against ricochets.


The Rapid Expansion series cartridges feature bullets that have non-bonded, rapidly opening bullet design that is optimal when hunting smaller game and varmints or in situations where instant expansion capabilities are preferred. The advantage of Gameheads is highlighted especially when hunting smaller game where expansion resistance opening the bullet can be very low (for example high volume lung hit to a small deer). Gamehead Varmint RX, designed especially for varmint hunting, expands explosively featuring perfected terminal effect for even the smallest pests. Designed fragmentation upon hit reduces risk of ricochets causing danger to surroundings.


Spitzer-nosed soft-point bullet for accurate hits on smaller targets. Light jacket and non-bonded core allows rapid and effective expansion required for small to medium sized game and varmints. It is an excellent all-purpose hunting bullet for small to medium-sized game.

Key Features

Spitzer Boat Tail shape ensures flat trajectory. Good penetration and expansion are characteristics of these bullets even at the reduced impact velocities at medium range.

The light jacket structure makes the bullet expand to a large diameter fast and deliver all its energy on impact.

Bullet construction allows it to start expanding even at slower impact velocities.

Key benefits

  • Spitzer-nosed soft point bullet
  • Light jacket
  • Non bonded core








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