PPU 223 55g SP 20pk


TRZ load No. PP223S
Bullet Wgt./Style 55 SP
Ballistic Coeficient 0.239
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Muzzle 3240
100 2830
200 2455
300 2110
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Muzzle 1282
100 978
200 736
300 544
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line
100 0
200 -2.9
300 -11.6


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Prvi Partizan Small Game cartridges are designed for use on small game such as fox, rabbit, feral cat and other small vermin, featuring a soft point to give excellent knockdown power.


Rifle ammunition made by factory Prvi Partizan, desire of many hunters, is a real diamond in the rifle of every passionate hunter. Designed according to market demands, improved by the precious suggestions of hunters, Prvi Partizan ammunition is the result of up-to-date technical and technological solutions, long-term special research work of ballistics and hunting experts. It is made of high quality raw materials and components carefully chosen according to its application.

We also considered, to perfection severe demands of numerous passionate shooters, raving for competition sand winnings. For their eye and good rifle they have at their disposal Prvi Partizan ammunition, which is extremely accurate and convenient for soft shooting. Each caliber is produced with many bullet types, different weights and very close tolerances, providing uniform quality of the ammunition. Besides standard expanding bullet types, we also offer a new type called Grom (Thunder). These are bullets of our own design, with very high performances on the target.

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