Norma 22lr 40g HP High Velocity 50pk


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Norma Hunter-22 Power

NORMA Ballistics™

The NORMA Ballistics™ is the perfect app to help you shoot more accurately whether you are out hunting or shooting at a range. With a complex 3DOF (Degrees of Freedom) drag model, taking into account weather conditions, shot angle and barrel length, you can easily project the bullet trajectory and make sure you hit right on target every time. But do you have to be an advanced shooter or ballistic expert using this calculator? No, we made it simple to use and easy to operate in the field no matter if you are a beginner or advanced shooter. The NORMA Ballistics™ allows you to customize your own projectiles or utilize the always-updated extensive library of Norma bullets to calculate the bullet trajectory up to 2000 meters (2200 yards).

The app connects to Norma’s extensive database of projectiles with a wide range of calibers, bullet weights and designs for all purposes. Along with all the necessary bullet data comes reloading data for all Norma projectiles together with Norma’s range of premium powder.

NORMA Ballistics™ is available as a mobile app as well as on a desktop and can be operated both online and offline.


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