Muela Scorpion 18W Black Handle with Leather Sheath


  • 180mm 440 chrome Vanadium Molybdenum alloy martensitic steel blade
  • 54-58 degrees on the Rockwell scale
  • 115mm rubber handle
  • Brass lanyard hole on rear of handle
  • Multi-purpose: serrated and fine straight edge blade
  • Full grain black leather belt sheath


The Muela Scorpion 18W is a custom made Spanish knife, made with high quality materials including a 440 chrome Vanadium Molybdenum alloy martensitic steel blade with a hardness of 54-58 degrees on the Rockwell scale.


The Muela companies were started by Eladio Muela León in the mid 1950s, encouraged by the great success of his handcrafted 38-pieces folding knife with the German engineers of the Empetrol refinery, where Eladio was working at the time.


These same engineers ordered knives from him to take back to their country and this, together with his business spirit, were the stimulus he needed to set up his first handcrafted folding knives and knives factory, employing seven people.

The profit obtained was invested in machinery to make the factory more productive, so that in a short time it was enlarged and located in Argamasilla de Calatrava, in Ciudad Real.

The current installations of Muela knives, in Argamasil

Hunting, fishing, mountaineering, trekking. Whatever the activity which brings you into contact with nature, be it for work or sport, it is impossible to count the number of times the aid of a knife will be absolutely essential. This Military fixed-blade knife is up for any job. Precisely for this reason Muela offers a great variety of models which in a wide range of shapes and sizes meet all possible needs and uses. You can choose from many and very diverse knives. There is a wide selection, always based on excellent designs manufactured out of the highest quality steels are combined to offer the most modern, practical, long-lasting and distinctive knives you can always rely on. Each Muela Hunting Knife is handsome as well as functional with handle materials that include Red Stag antler, exotic stabilized hardwoods and Pakawood. Muela Knives are custom Spanish knives that have been made by the Muela family for generations. They utilize tough Moly-Vanadium Stainless Steel, and are built to last.


The Scorpion 18W features a 115mm rubber handle with a rear lanyard hole and is perfect for your next hunting, camping, and or fishing trip due to its strong and durable design and multipurpose blade with both a serrated and straight section on the same 180mm blade. Due to its multi-purpose blade  perfect for cutting rope, fishing line, and cartilage. The Scorpion 18W also includes a full grain black leather belt sheath for easy and safe storing and carrying.

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