Lokaway LHL20 Large Safe 20gun 110kg Cat.A.B.


Storage – 20

Category – A,B

Weight – 110KG


Lokaway have been providing top-of-the-line gun safes for over 20 years. With a huge range of options to suit any gun owner, all built with the Swing’n’Slide locking technology. Once again, Lokaway have bought a new safe to the market that gives you even more choice in security.
The new LHL safe with external ammo box features 2 doors with a sleek back carpet interior and racking, 3 spoke handle and digital keypad.
Rounding out the complete Lokaway gun safe range, the LHL with back name plate, 2mm body and 3mm door now adds the option to choose between internal and external ammo box configurations for the most secure Lokaway anti-pry technology and lifetime break-in guarantee.

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