Lokaway LBA20 Large Safe 20gun 75kg Cat.A.B.




Lokaway Swing’n’Slide, the world’s most revolutionary locking system, patented in over 30 countries across 6 continents worldwide, the Swing’n’Slide system is in a league of its own. Developed with years of security experience the SnS system provides the ultimate in anti-pry security. By concealing the leading door edge entirely any potential prying intrusion is immediately stopped as there is no point of access to pry the door.

Lokaway’s Swing ‘n’ Slide, Anti-Pry Design Technology

Anti-Pry Design Technology

Innovative locking design, concealed hinges and a thoroughly constructed product all come together to provide simple yet very secure features that combine to make the Lokaway Swing’n’Slide ranges of products as good as they are today.

Lokaway offers the consumer one of the most significant enhancements to protecting their personal items available on the market and at a price that is affordable.

Patented technology

Swing’n’ Slide Design

The Swing’n’Slide system, although seemingly complex in its operation, is a simple and reliable system with all its strength coming from innovative design and intelligent engineering.

Lokaway’s Swing ‘n’ Slide, Anti-Pry Design Technology

virtually impenetrable security

The virtually impenetrable security of the Lokaway Swing’n’Slide system comes from its ability to completely conceal the leading edge of the door. This coupled with internal hinges, hardened anti-drill plates, high security locks and much more makes the Lokaway range of products some of the most secure in their class.

When customers first turn the handle on a Lokaway safe they are initially confused as the action of the entire door moving is something like no other. As you twist the handle to open a Lokaway safe the leading edge of the door is exposed allowing the safe door to be swung open.

The same happens in reverse to secure the safe, as the handle is turned the entire door moves from right to left, the leading edge of the door slides into a specially designed slot in the side of the safe and locks in securely.



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