Hornady 17 Mach2 17g Vmax 300pk


Product Features

V-MAX® Bullets

Hornady’s V-MAX® bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities.

Hand Inspected

Every Varmint Express® cartridge is hand inspected before leaving our factory, ensuring there are no cosmetic flaws and imperfections.


The powder in a Varmint Express® cartridge is selected for its consistency from lot to lot. That means consistent accuracy and optimum pressure and velocity on every shot.

Select Brass

All the cases chosen for use in our Varmint Express® ammo are made in America and meet Hornady’s stringent quality standards.


Each primer is matched with a specific Varmint Express® load to ensure quick, complete ignition.



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From prairie dogs to coyote and fox, the Hornady® Rimfire line of ammunition offers varmint hunters high speed rimfire cartridges. Loaded with either the V-MAX® or NTX® bullet, these loads deliver tack-driving accuracy and dramatic expansion on impact.

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