Federal 22lr A/E 45g Suppressor Subsonic CPRN



Caliber 22 LR
Grain Weight 45
Muzzle Velocity 970
Bullet Style CPRN
Ballistic Coefficient .130
Package Quantity 50
Usage Target Shooting
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Federal American Eagle Suppressor Ammunition was designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate in reliability and cleanliness in suppressed firearms. The ballisticians at Federal Premium tailored each load for suppressor usage; each load has the cleanest, fastest burning powder for that caliber to help keep suppressed firearms as clean as possible while maintaining subsonic velocities. The bullet weights and profiles selected for each round were chosen to give each load the most consistent, accurate performance. This ammunition does not have to be fired through a suppressed firearm and at 970fps will function resonably quietly even in non-suppressed firearms.


American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor rounds perform to their ballistic peak in suppressed firearms, thanks to carefully selected propellants, bullet weights and primers. Their sub-sonic loading eliminates the super-sonic “crack” suppressors can’t silence. In addition, special clean-burning powders minimize fouling while reliably functioning in semi-automatic firearms. Suppressor loads are priced for volume shooting.

  • Bullet weights and profiles carefully selected for suppressed firearms
  • Clean burning powders for easier cleanup
  • Subsonic muzzle velocities
  • Reliable function, feeding and ignition
  • Federal® brass cases


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