Champion Hand Thrower


Get ready for hours of fun and practice with the Champion Clay Thrower.

Throws standard size clays
Can throw clays left or right handed
Ergonomic grip design
Designed for easy use and minimal effort
Constructed of rugged polypropylene

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Get ready to elevate your clay shooting experience with the Champion® Clay Thrower. This versatile and reliable hand tool allows you to throw standard clays, making it perfect for both right and left-handed throwers. Designed to enhance your range experience and bring even more convenience to clay shooting, the Champion® Clay Thrower is a must-have accessory for enthusiasts of all levels. Get ready to perfect your aim and have fun at the range with the Champion® Clay Thrower.

Experience the thrill of trap shooting with the Champion® Hand Thrower. This easy-to-use hand thrower is designed for minimal effort and sends targets flying for fast clay action. Made of rugged polypropylene and able to accommodate any standard size clay, this hand thrower is the ultimate in portability and perfect for backyard shooting sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Champion Hand Thrower provides distance, accuracy, and consistent flights.

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