Champion Bipod 9 to 13in


Our Pivot Bipods smoothly change angles and positions–making target acquisition quicker and easier on any type of uneven terrain. Available in four different variable heights.

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Where the game goes, so can your aim. Champion Pivot Bipods are compact, light-weight, and easily attach to the sling swivel stud on a rifle. Each Pivot Bipod features a rapid adjust pivot lever, so changing angles and positions is smooth, target is acquisition quick, and cant on uneven terrain is eliminated. The legs on the Pivot BiPods have spring return for easy retracting and are also telescoping, making leveling easy. Choose between four different variable heights to add to your rifle.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Easily attaches to sling swivel stud of most bolt action rifles
  • Telescoping legs have spring return
  • Pivot eliminates rifle canting on uneven terrain



Champion Pivot Bipods

Pivot Lock Lever

Pivot lock lever adjusts tension quickly so you can lock it in place level on any surface. Leg turn-locks allow for uneven leg extension to fit any uneven terrain.

Champion Ears

Push Button Extendable Legs

Legs extend and lock with push-button locks for quick deployment

Champion Pivot Bipods

Foldable Legs

Folding Legs quickly deploy and stow so you can get on shot and on the move quicker.

Champion Ears

Stabilize your rifle and hone your shooting skills.

Champion bipods deliver the very best stability. Never lose confidence on the range again.


Champion: Own the Range

At Champion, we understand the love of spending the day at the range. We are passionate about making better shooters. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, we have the products for every firearm discipline. Champion is a leading provider of quality trap throwers, paper targets, metal targets, clay targets, hearing and eye protection and shooting systems.



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