Bushnell Night Vision


  • Works great for day and night!
  • 14 Infrared Diodes allow night observations in complete darkness
  • Swivel Lens for easy viewing
  • LCD and Infrared Diodes brightness control.
  • TV / Video out for recording.
  • Bushnell Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • AC/DC power port


  • Bushnell DNV NightHawk Digital Night Vision Viewer 260900
  • Case
  • Strap
  • Video Output Cord

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Bushnell DNV NightHawk Digital Night Vision Viewer is a compact hand-held digital night vision viewing system using CCD and CMOS technology to provide images in the near infrared. Night time images are magnified and displayed on an LCD viewing screen. Images are displayed on a 1.8 inch Black and White LCD screen. Bushnell Night Hawk Night Vision products are ideal for camping, caving and observing wildlife under the veil of darkness, patrolling warehouses and similar surveillance operations where light is scarce.image

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