Breakthrough Silicone Gun Cloth


Product Features

  • SILICONE CLEANING CLOTH: Protect & preserve your guns, rods, reels, & home tools with our durable cloth. It removes fingerprints & potentially corrosive epidermal oils while preventing rust, corrosion, & moisture from the elements.
  • GUN CLEANING CLOTH: Our high-quality gun cleaning rags leave a protective barrier that helps guard against deterioration & wear over time. Made from weatherproof cotton-silicone, they are re-usable & fold-out flat for convenience.
  • GUN RUST PREVENTIVE: Increase the overall lifespan of your firearms & wipe away tarnish & unwanted residue from the exterior, this cloth works on both metal & wood surfaces, can be used multiple times, & measures 14-inches long x ‎12-inches wide.
  • GUN RANGE SUPPLIES: Our cleaning cloth for guns is portable for quick field use & can easily be stored with gun cleaning accessories & other firearm equipment. This product is ideal for gun maintenance wherever you choose to use it.

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Easily clean your equipment with our premium Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Weather-Proof Cotton Silicon Cleaning Cloth. This reusable cloth removes fingerprints and potentially corrosive epidermal oils. Prevents rust, corrosion and protects against moisture. Use on firearms, reels, knives and other metals to wipe away tarnish and unwanted residue. Note: Do NOT wash cloth.

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