Beretta Challenge Shooting Glasses Black


Available glass colors:

  • blue (basically for all weather conditions)
  • black (basically for all weather conditions)
  • yellow (for cloudy or foggy environments)
  • transparent (for indoor or dusk)
  • orange (provides enhanced contrast)

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The shooting glasses Challenge from the italian manufacturer Beretta is available in various glass colors. These glasses come in a modern design and at the same time also offers the corresponding safety. The temples are equipped with an anti-slip surface, which keeps the glasses safe even with fast head movements.

The shooting glasses Challenge is very light and has a comfortable nose pad. The stirrups are attached directly to the glass to allow shooters a large, unrestricted field of view. The delivery includes a soft cloth bag to protect the Challenge from scratches during transport and storage.

The Beretta Trident Shooting Glasses are designed to make sure your eyes stay safe and protected while shooting. The adjustable nosepiece makes them incredibly comfortable for all day use. The ightweight safety shooting glasses come with the three interchangeable lenses you need most:

black for all weather use, yellow for fog and low light situations, red for bright days and highlighting clays. The wraparound lenses offer full coverage and all are 100% UVA and UVB rated. Hard, clamshell case keeps your glasses protected even at the bottom of your gear bag.

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