ATA 243 Turqua Blued Synthetic 24 inch 5shot


Caliber .308 Win. (1:11″), .243 Win. (1:10″), 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8″)
Barrel Length Options 47 cm (18.5″), 51 cm (20″), 56 cm (22″), 61 cm (24″) (Available with or without Threaded Barrel) – Overall length 114 cm (44.8″) with 61 cm (24″) barrel
Magazine Capacity 3-round and 5-round, Detachable box-type
Stock Synthetic, Adjustable
Weight 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs) *Actual weight may vary depending on wood density, caliber and barrel length
Receiver Monoblock Steel with Integrated Recoil Lug
Barrel Finish Free-floating, Button Rifled, Chrome-moly Steel, 11-degree Crown, Matte Blued Finish
Bolt The One-piece (monoblock) Steel, Three-lug Locking with 60-degree Throw
Picatinny Rail N/A
Safety Three-Position Safety (Locked, Load/Unload, Fire)
Sight Adjustable front and rear sights
Trigger Two-Stage, Adjustable pull weight 0.8 kg to 1.6 kg (1.76 lbs to 3.52 lbs)
Accuracy 3-Shot Sub-Moa Guaranteed at 100 Yards with Premium Factory Ammunition
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After the first Side by Side, Over and Under and Semi-automatic Shotgun of Turkey, ATA Arms now proudly presents the First Bolt Action Rifle of Turkey: TURQUA 100% Turkish-made TURQUA is another engineering innovation from Turkey’s leading firearms manufacturer. Turqua is distinguished from the other bolt action rifles with its 3-stage safety and 2-stage adjustable trigger. Turqua’s 60-degree bolt lift is shorter (compared to typical 90-degree bolt throw) that allows faster loading on follow-up shots. The free-floating feature maintains barrel to stock spacing for consistent accuracy. SUB-MOA at 3 shots is guaranteed with this button-rifled barrel. The ergonomic stock made of selected Turkish Walnut is designed for accurate and comfortable shooting. All these features make TURQUA one of the best value on the global market.




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