ADI 223 55g World Class Sierra Game King 900pkt (sold as 50pkt)


Superior quality projectiles aid in match grade accuracy
Cases annealed using our highly controlled, advanced process
Propellant engineered for each specific cartridge, providing exceptional velocity, consistency and terminal performance
Match grade cases that are engineered and manufactured in-house
Premium quality primer for reliable, consistent ignition

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With uncompromising quality and attention to detail, our ammunition is built on over 130 years of experience in propellant and ammunition design.
ADI World Class powders, ammunition and components are synonymous with precision, performance and unrivaled perfection. Trusted by the world’s most discerning marks people.


Developed almost 40 years ago, there are few projectiles in the world that can provide the exceptional accuracy and flat trajectory seen time and time again by this high ballistic coefficient performer. Ideal for use on varmints at long range or targets, it delivers match-grade accuracy in many rifles.

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