Pistol Club Attendance Requirements Fact Sheet

How many attendances do I have to make?

Club requirements

Every member needs to attend once every two months; Trainee’s awaiting their PPL need to attend Novice events, members who have received their PPL and are in their first six months of their license can only attend Trainee Only events.

Full licensed members need to attend minimum 3 Club Calendar events and can attend 3 times in your own time shooting a Target Pistol competition of 10 rounds at 25 metres and your target being placed in the target box. This is the minimum, of course if you attend all Club Calendar shoots they will be accounted for but if you do all the shoots in your own time they won’t.

The club requires you to shoot at least once every two months. If for some reason you miss a two month period or more you need to apply for an exemption, which means a quick email or letter explaining the circumstances. I then record this and when it comes to reporting time I lodge it against your membership, if you don’t apply for an exemption you will be sent a letter asking for an explanation.

This is the same if you haven’t completed your required attendances; I send a letter out early April asking for a written explanation, your replies go to the Committee for approval. All Club correspondence such as newsletter and calendar ceases until we have had a reply. Naturally mistakes may occur in the reporting and if this is the case please advise me in writing so I can correct them.

Legal requirements

Every H class licensed shooter has to do a standard minimum of 6 competition attendances, more scores are required dependent on how many categories of pistols you own.

The categories are Air Pistol – Rimfire – Centrefire – Higher Calibre.

If you own more than one of these categories the number of scores needed becomes 4 per category. So if you have an air pistol and a centrefire you need to complete 8 scores. Why I am referring to scores now and not attendances is because you still only have to attend 6 times if you want, if you attend Target Pistol for example you can bring both the air and centrefire pistol and have a score taken for each. This is very handy if you have three categories and you have to have 12 scores.

If you have a Higher Calibre permit you have to have a genuine reason of Single Action or Metallic Silhouette and you need to attend at least 4 of these events as well.

What happens if I haven’t made enough attendances?

A letter will be sent out from the Club asking why; if you do not reply when it comes to renewal time we will assume that you will not be re-joining St Marys Pistol Club.

At reporting time we will advise the NSW Police that you haven’t complied and they will send you a letter asking to show cause as to why you haven’t.