St Marys is Sydney's largest public indoor shooting range. The centre has three 50m ranges for use with pistols and rifles, and an on-site firearms dealership.


SMISC an indoor recreation facility open to the public. We are open from 10AM to 10PM Monday to Saturday, and 10AM to 6PM on Sundays.

The range features electronically controlled target carriers that can be set at distances from 7m up to 50m, suitable for centrefire, rimfire and pistol shooting.  To view the complete range rules, click here. The centre also offers firearm storage facilities for members along with a well stocked firearms dealership. The centre has a comfortable fully air-conditioned lounge area.

Here are some points to consider when planning your visit to SMISC

  • Only individuals with valid Australian Firearms Licences are permitted to use the range.

    Shooters must present their current firearms licence to range staff while signing in.

    Non-licenced visitors are welcome and may view activities on the ranges though the viewing glass, but are not permitted to enter the range. 

  • All permit holders (Minor's permit, High calibre pistol, suppressor, etc.) must also present their original permit to range staff in order to use firearms covered under their permit.

    Photocopies are not accepted, original documents must be provided.

  • Enclosed footwear, hearing protection, and eye protection must be worn.

  • Usage of shotguns/shotshell ammunition is not permitted outside of approved competitions

  • All patrons are expected to comply with the centre's COVID Safety plan.

  • Interstate visitors must hold a valid firearms licence and supply their own firearms.

  • Please check the Events Page and Pistol Club Page for events schedules.

Any licenced pistol shooter must provide proof of current club membership of their Pistol Club to be able to shoot at St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre.

St Marys promoteS and encourages competitive target shooting and practice shooting, with a view to developing proficient and safe use of firearms


St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre offers a wide variety of other services in addition to range hire and retail. These include licencing courses, firearm safe storage, personal transfers, and more. Follow the link below for a comprehensive list of service fees.


St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre also caters for people who want to try the sport of shooting. If you have never tried the safe, fun and unique range of shooting sports, why not book in for one of our Try Shooting Days?


This information sheet is for shooters and other customers at the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre (SMISC). It summarises parts of the more detailed SMISC COVID-Safe Plan about how the Centre is to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions