Zerotech Vengeance 4-16×44 FFP RMG MRAD 30mm


Model Numbers/SKUs –  VG4164F
Magnification Range – 4-16x
Objective Lens Diameter  44mm
Maintube Diameter – 30mm
Zero Stop – Yes
Turret Index Value – 0.1 MRAD
Internal Elevation Adjustment –  23 MRAD
Internal Windage Adjustment –  20 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment Range –  10 Meters to Infinity
Exit Pupil Diameter –  11mm (Low); 2.7mm (High)
Eye Relief – 91-100mm
Field of View @ 100 Meters 8.8m (Low); 2.2m (High)
Weight 660g
Illumination No
Available Reticles RMG

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The ZeroTech Vengeance 4-16×44 FFP Riflescope offers a sleeker, more streamlined option for those seeking precision at distance and minimal size. Ideal for those who prefer a lighter scope with lower starting magnification, this model still packs the same powerful features as its larger counterpart, making it the top choice for value-driven long-range accuracy.

First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle: Ensures reticle size scales with magnification, maintaining a constant elevation and windage holds at any distance, on any magnification power.
ZeroStop Turrets: Ensures return to zero after dialing elevation and windage corrections, providing a quick reference in the field.

Enhanced Internal Adjustment: Offers extensive elevation and windage adjustments (23 MRAD/80 MOA elevation, 20 MRAD/68 MOA windage).

Compact and Lightweight: Easier handling and maneuverability with a smaller objective lens and reduced weight.

Tailored for long-range shooters who demand a lighter and more agile riflescope, the ZeroTech Vengeance 4-16×44 provides exceptional performance. Its 44mm objective lens and 30mm one-piece maintube ensure excellent light transmission and mounting rigidity. The RMG FFP reticle, available in both MRAD and MOA configurations, allows for precise targeting without the need to dial adjustments constantly. This riflescope is especially suited for those who require a versatile scope that performs exceptionally in a variety of shooting conditions, from hunting expeditions to competitive shooting.



Vengeance 4-16×44 FFP rifle scope
Magnification Throw Lever
ZT pouch with reticle range sheet
Hex wrench
Neoprene protective scope cover
Welcome card with QR code link to instruction manual


Whether holding elevation and windage for high speed, precision shots or dialling your turrets for long range targets, the RMG (Refined Mil Grid) is the perfect blend of precision and speed.

Subtended in 0.5 mil increments with integrated 0.1 mil measuring bars, the RMG allows shooters to apply elevation and windage holds without having to dial the turrets. A floating centre dot ensures a refined point of aim for zeroing and shooting groups, while the heavy bars with chevron ends at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock help draw the shooter’s eye to the centre of the reticle at lower magnifications.

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